Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Thank you for stopping by the TBIN Talk Blog. In an attempt to communicate better as well as distribute information more effectively, 2-1-1 Tampa Bay Cares has created this TBIN blog.

This is a place where TBIN staff can provide in depth information to Agency Administrators who are looking for answers. We will be blogging about data quality issues, reporting information, general work flow tips, and other TBIN related information.

If at anytime, you have questions or need more information about a blog entry, please give us a call at 727.210.4239 press option 6 then 0.

Thank you!

Micki Thompson
Executive Director
2-1-1 Tampa Bay Cares, Inc.

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What is TBIN?

The Tampa Bay Information Network (TBIN) is a web-based community client data system. TBIN is used to aid agencies providing services and clients accessing services at a homeless shelters, medical assistance agency, mental health provider, outreach program, etc. TBIN is all inclusive case management system that aids Network Partners is counting client successes, uniquely identifying clients in programs, more quickly providing client services, and reporting on client success. Additionally, TBIN helps providers manage their housing occupancy, rapidly check in clients into their services, and provide a basic local ID card for clients in the TBIN system. Finally, the TBIN system contains over 5000 community providers used to make client referrals and maintained by 2-1-1 Tampa Bay Cares staff.

Administered by 211 Tampa Bay Cares since 2003, the TBIN system is being used by more than 100 programs in Pinellas County to accurately count the clients accessing their services. 2-1-1 Tampa Bay Cares provides training and technical support to its Network Partners who are entering data into the TBIN system and interested in reporting on their clients progress. The aggregate data is shared with local Network Partners, collaborative planning bodies, and local, statewide, and Federal funding entities.

Need A Report?

Request a report from the TBIN staff about the data in the TBIN system. Visit our website to request a report using our Special Report Request form. Click the picture below to submit your request.